An Afternoon in Antibes

Antibes is a pretty seaside town just up the coast from Cannes. We’ve been a few times for food but never properly strayed away from the beach.

_DSC0519_DSC0520_DSC0521So we decided it was time to tick it off the list and explore._DSC0523_DSC0529_DSC0533_DSC0535_DSC0537We got our cultural fix from the a Picasso museum. Having got away with pretending we were a ‘large family’, I mean we practically are, we spent an hour or so having a wander around the gallery._DSC0541_DSC0542_DSC0559_DSC0544I’ve been to the Picasso museum in Malaga, where Pablo was born, so it was quite nice to compare. This museum certainly has the edge when it comes to the views.._DSC0545_DSC0547_DSC0548_DSC0549


^We all liked this one. Purple and glittery. We have a deep appreciation for art!

_DSC0552My favourite exhibition was a series of black and white photos taken by a Polish photographer, Michel Sima, of Picasso in his workshop the Autumn/Summer of 1946. I find ‘behind the scenes’ photos and stories so fascinating, sometimes even more so than the art work itself._DSC0556


Just Pablo & his daughter taking a selfie. What a trend setter!

_DSC0560The views from the museum really were incredible. So I took far too many pictures.._DSC0563_DSC0564_DSC0566Realising everyone else had gone, we went outside to find them._DSC0567_DSC0568_DSC0569_DSC0570_DSC0571_DSC0574_DSC0575_DSC0576_DSC0577_DSC0579_DSC0580_DSC0581_DSC0583_DSC0584_DSC0585Feeling all cultured we went in search for tea and coffee. _DSC0587_DSC0590_DSC0594_DSC0595Okay, so this is for someone in particular and my new found, maybe not love, but liking of motorbikes. _DSC0603_DSC0604_DSC0605_DSC060620160819_172252

We took our time just wandering in and out of shops and enjoying the pretty streets.



Great ‘photo taking’ face there Chez!


I absolutely love French towns. The cobbled streets, the coloured wooden shutters, and the beautiful window flowers mean you can just wander for hours, totally immersed. Such a lovely way to spend an afternoon.



    • August 23, 2016 / 9:53 pm

      It really is such a beautiful place! Very authentic and rustic 🙂

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