Arriving In Cannes

Every year at the end of summer my family and I head down to the South of France to meet up with our friends who have a place in Cannes. It’s a 4 year strong tradition which we have no intention of breaking anytime soon.

Whilst our friends been here for the best part of a month we’re just here for 9 days. Which is plenty of time to have fun and drink rosé by the bucketful.



^ When you’re 5 ft 1  that extra leg room sure does come in handy….

_DSC0421 (1)
We stay in the best that Air B’n’B has to offer and over the years we’ve stayed in some beautiful places. This year is no exception. We have a beautiful, spacious apartment that’s got a little garden which is perfect for a bit of yoga in the morning, sunbathing in the afternoon & Al Fresco dinner parties in the evening.


After a 4:30am wake up call, an airplane ride and a trip to Casino – the supermarket that is. One glass of rosé with lunch was all it took until the excitement got the better of us and we all fell into rosé induced siestas.


Got a funny feeling that..


lie ahead!


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